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Persecution in Nigeria Persists

January 31, 2023 RM

In the Borno state of Nigeria, the same region where 276 girls were abducted in 2014, terror has reigned. Just nine days after a pregnant Christian woman was killed inside her home, terrorists returned to burn down homes and crops in the Jibwiwi and Ngulde villages. These attacks on predominantly Christian villages are not limited to the Borno state, and have only continued to increase in Nigeria, which now has more Christians martyred for Christ than any other country.

Just nine days after a pregnant Christian woman was killed inside her home, terrorists returned to burn down homes and crops in the Jibwiwi and Ngulde villages.

Despite this documented and continued persecution, for the second year in a row Nigeria has been excluded from the United States’ Countries of Particular Concern (CPC) list. Our government has decided that the slaying of Christians in Nigeria is not a problem. 

This past November, we sent a petition with over 34,000 signatures to President Joe Biden asking him to place Nigeria back on the CPC list. The petition drew international attention and was reported on by several Christian media outlets, including CBN News and The Christian Post. Yet our government has continued to turn a blind eye to the killing of Christians in Nigeria.

In 2021 alone, 4,650 Christians were martyred in Nigeria, and thousands more were kidnapped. Torture is common among those who are kidnapped, and women and children are not excluded from this fate. Churches and Christian schools have also been targets of arson, leaving a trail of burned buildings where Christians once gathered. The terrorist groups Boko Haram and the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) want to eliminate the presence of Christianity in Nigeria.


Coffins at funeral in Nigeria.

If you have not already signed the petition, please click above and visit StopKillingChristians.com to do so. Join with us as we take a stand for the lives of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Let’s send the message to our government that Nigeria needs to be back on the CPC list immediately. Share the petition through email, social media, messaging, or word of mouth—help us get the word out!


You can make a difference. Sign the petition today asking for President Joe Biden to add Nigeria back to the CPC list. Together, we can make it clear that killing Christians is not acceptable. Thank you for your support and thank you for standing with our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. It’s time to raise our voices together. It’s time to stand against the needless killing of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nigeria.
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Nigeria has had more Christians martyred for their faith than every other country combined.

Make a Donation to Support Christians in Nigeria and Receive Your FREE Prayer Band

Help spread the word about the persecution that Christians in Nigeria are currently facing by signing and sharing the petition to have Nigeria added back to the CPC list. When doing so, please prayerfully consider making a contribution to RevelationMedia, and we will send you a FREE prayer band, created by Christians in Nigeria who are thankful that we are taking a stand with them. Donations will be shared with Alliance Defending Freedom as they advocate for Christians in Nigeria both in their country and here in America. These prayer bands will remind you to pray daily for those in Nigeria who face torture, kidnapping, and even death for confessing the Christian faith.


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