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New iBIBLE Chapter Released: Abram and the Kings’ War

February 1, 2023 RM

In case you missed it, iBIBLE Chapter 8 released this week! Chapter 8, Abram and the Kings’ War, covers chapters 13 and 14 of Genesis and is the second iBIBLE episode of the life of Abraham. We invite you to watch Chapter 8 and share this newly released episode with your friends and family!

In iBIBLE Chapter 8, Abram and the Kings’ War, we see that after leaving the land of Egypt, Abram and Lot separated and settled in different areas of the land. In Canaan, God spoke to Abram saying, “All the land you see I will give to you and your descendants forever.” A war began between nine kings in the land—four kings against five—and the victors took Lot and the people of Sodom captive.

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 11.06.35 AM

Image from iBIBLE Chapter 8: Abram lets Lot choose which land to settle in.


Chapter 8 shows how Abram gathered 318 of his own trained men, pursued the armies of these kings, and brought back his nephew as well as the people and the spoils of Sodom. Melchizedek, the priest of God Most High, visited and blessed Abram. The king of Sodom visited Abram as well and offered him the spoils that he had recovered, but he refused to take them, so that no man could say that he made Abram rich.

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 11.05.49 AM

Image from iBIBLE Chapter 8: The king of Sodom offers the spoils to Abram.

Watch now at the link below and share with your friends, family, and even your entire church by forwarding this email.

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Watch Chapter 8 of iBIBLE: Abram and the Kings' War.

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Watch iBIBLE's Abram and the King's War



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